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Let me help you be your best self, professionally and personally, by living an examined life. Expand your capacity within yourself, your family, your community, or your organization at this pivotal moment in time.

Peter Chandonnet

What I do for people

As an executive coach, yoga, and mindfulness leader, I encourage people to determine what they want in work and in their personal life. Individuals learn to take skilled action to move themselves towards their individual, organization, and community vision. I assist people to become more grounded, centered, and clear in their thinking, speech, and actions. I teach individuals ways to be stronger, more flexible, and balanced in their body and with their thinking. I assist my clients to develop a mindfulness practice that includes a daily gratitude practice, yoga, and meditation. My clients teach themselves to be grateful for many things, including their greatest challenges, which allows them to meet their goals, obstacles or opportunities with an optimal amount of energy and enthusiasm.

My background

I learned Business and Government policy as an undergraduate and earned a Masters degree in Forest Ecology and Experiential Education. I applied this to land conservation, community building, and leadership development. From there, I became an executive coach, yoga teacher, and mindfulness leader. I learned how our thoughts affect our speech and actions to produce our current results. I regularly participate as a coach, teacher, and student in executive coaching, yoga, and mindfulness trainings that are 9 months to 30 months in length.

Who I serve

I support leaders in many areas of business and life that include technology, healthcare, finance, real estate, education, retail, legal, design, energy, social profit, and families of wealth. Within these areas, I work with high potentials from the director level to CEOs, as well as entrepreneurs and family members supporting individuals and teams committed to growth, development, high productivity, health, and contribution.

How I work

I do executive coaching along with private yoga and meditation sessions. I meet with clients in-person or by phone for 2-8 hours a month. Engagements can be as short as 6 months, but I typically work with many clients for several or more years. Other examples of how I work include: kicking off group meetings, facilitating entire group meetings, leading teams through strategy sessions and reorganization processes, leading yoga, coaching and meditation retreats, as well as developing coaching and mentoring programs.


The entire landscape changes for my clients. They become more fulfilled in their work and personal life, and as previous obstacles disappear, they excel. Clients become more skillful and strategic in their communications and actions, as well as more effective and productive in leading teams. Clients also become better at managing personal relationships, professional relationships, and life in general. Additional areas I assist people include: their financial strategy, health, and spirituality.


Craig Vercruysse MBA
Chief Executive Officer
Rona Health Care Consulting

I continue to work with Pete and have for over 10 years and in that time have set and attained extraordinary goals for myself in all aspects of my life. Pete has a unique ability to create a time, place and experience that is solely dedicated to the person he is coaching and helping them achieve their goals. I value my time with Pete immensely and always know he is in my corner.

Victoria L. Yeager
Head of Contracts and Compliance
Global Pharma Procurement – Strategy Realization and Operations
Genentech, Inc., A Member of the Roche Group

I look forward to my weekly sessions with Pete as a sort of sanctuary -- I leave feeling lighter, healthier, more relaxed and ready to take on the world! Pete not only is an excellent yoga and meditation instructor, but also has become a trusted coach and a friend.

Arjun Rao
Arjun Rao
Director, Yardi Systems

Peter is a very skilled coach who provided me excellent guidance and support while the company I co-founded was going through extremely challenging times. He is a tremendous advocate for me, and has helped me lead a richer and more rewarding life. I have recommended him to at least 5 of my family members and friends, and will continue to do so with great enthusiasm.

Wanda M. Holland Greene
Head of the Hamlin School

My life is dedicated to changing the world for the better through education; therefore, my days and weeks are filled with the complexities and challenges of working with many people. What I have learned in a profound way from my years with Peter is that I cannot be in service to others unless and until I am committed to my own physical and emotional well-being. Seeing Peter each month is an important touchstone in my life; we walk, we talk, we stretch, and we laugh. He listens with an open heart and without judgment. By the time a session has concluded, I am refocused on my goals and more determined to be a better version of myself.

Next Step

I’d love to work with you. Contact me and let’s have a conversation about what goal you want to achieve or challenge you want to solve. Call, text or email me. I would love to hear from you.

Peter Chandonnet
[email protected]

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